Tips for Your IT Interviews

IT interviews are very similar to other interviews. Employers will ask you questions on both your technical and soft skills. They want to ensure that the individual they hire will not only be capable in doing the job, but also capable of interacting with others, colleagues and clients. Be prepared to answer questions related to your interpersonal skills, how you perform in a team setting, and your ideal work environment.

As you explore new opportunities, you need to continuously update your skills and knowledge. Be very proficient in programs and technologies you are familiar with, and acquire more skills in those you are not confident about.

Be prepared to answer some of the most common IT interview questions, such as:

  • What do you do to maintain your technical knowledge?
  • What technical websites do you follow?
  • How do you keep current on this industry?
  • How do you troubleshoot IT issues?
  • What languages are you most experienced in?
  • What languages do you feel the need to further develop on?
  • What is the biggest IT challenge you have faced and how did you handle it?


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More Interview Tips

Prior to the Interview

  • Do your research on the company, and if possible, your interviewer’s professional profile.
  • Read the latest news and trends in your field and the employer’s industry.
  • Review your documents, and be prepared to explain each point you put on your resume and cover letter.
  • Review the job posting, and ensure that you are able to explain your qualification for the position and your capabilities to do the job.

During the Interview

  • Always represent yourself honestly.
  • Answer all questions clearly and succintly.
  • Stress your achievements and accomplishments.
  • Explain clearly what you can do, or are going to do, for the employer.
  • Watch your body language. Practice answering questions and introducing yourself in front of a mirror prior to the interview.

Remember to also send a thank you email to your interviewers after the interview, and reiterate your interest in the position.

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